Welcome to We Are Monstas!

Dive into the heart of the RADIX ecosystem with WeAreMonstas, where innovation meets imagination. Join us on an epic journey where UTILITIES, meme magic, digital art, and a vibrant community converge to create something truly unique in the crypto space.

Our Mission

In a world brimming with possibilities, WeAreMonstas aims to revolutionize how the community interacts within the blockchain. We're not just creating a token; we're forging a legacy where each Monsta can thrive, create, and be part of a movement that values joy, creativity, and inclusivity.

Our Story


In a daring departure from the familiar chaos of the Binance Smart Chain, a band of intrepid Monstas yearned for a new playground. Thus, with eyes set on uncharted territories, we crashed into the RADIX ecosystem, not just to join but to revolutionize it. WeAreMonstas emerged from this leap of faith – a fusion of bold ideas, relentless spirit, and a shared quest for the extraordinary. 

Our Vision

Imagine a space where each transaction isn't just a transfer of value but a statement of belonging. WeAreMonstas is that space. Through our unique NFTs, community-driven events, UTILITIES POWERING UP THE RADIX ECOSYSTEM, COMMUNITY GAMES and groundbreaking initiatives, we're setting the stage for a future where crypto is both fun and meaningful.


WeAreMonstas is where artistry and the blockchain meet. Each piece is a testament to the creativity and passion of our community, offering a glimpse into the vast potential of digital expression. We will be launching unique NFT Collections for our monstas to own and trade. Each NFT will be handcrafted and many will feature our community members.

Meme Stickers: The Soul of Our Community

A Universe of Laughter and Expression

At WeAreMonstas, we believe that a good laugh is just as valuable as a good investment. That's where our iconic Meme Stickers come into play, serving as the vibrant soul of our community. Crafted with wit, humor, and a touch of Monsta magic, our stickers are more than just digital images; they're a language of their own, spoken fluently across our platforms.

Why Our Stickers Stand Out

  • Expressive and Engaging: Whether you’re celebrating gains, sharing a moment of crypto camaraderie, or just need to lighten the mood, there’s a Monsta sticker for that.


Rad Mon's: Unleash a whirlwind of kaleidoscopic chaos with these outrageously vibrant NFT critters, where every pixel screams psychedelic rebellion and each creature is a ticket to the wildest, most color-splashed corner of the crypto cosmos!


Join the Family

Become a Monsta

Ready to dive into the adventure? Joining WeAreMonstas means becoming part of a family that dares to dream big, laugh loud, and grow together. Whether you're a crypto veteran or new to the scene, there's a place for you here.

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What Makes RADIX Different?

 RADIX is not just another blockchain; it’s a revolutionary ecosystem built from the ground up to solve the limitations faced by current blockchain technologies. With its unique Cerberus consensus mechanism, RADIX can process an unprecedented number of transactions simultaneously, ensuring scalability that truly meets global demand.

Why Transition from BSC to RADIX?

  • Scalability without Sacrifice: RADIX offers unmatched scalability while maintaining decentralization and security, addressing the trilemma that has long plagued blockchain networks.
  • Developer Friendly: With RADIX, developers can build more efficiently thanks to its component-based architecture, making it easier to create complex, scalable dApps.
  • Community and Support: RADIX boasts a rapidly growing community of developers, users, and enthusiasts all committed to fostering innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

Embrace the Future with RADIX

As we, the WeAreMonstas community, embark on this exciting journey from BSC to RADIX, we invite you to join us. Explore the possibilities that RADIX offers, from lightning-fast transactions to a robust development environment, all designed to make the future of finance decentralized, efficient, and open to all.

Dive into RADIX with us, and let’s pioneer the new frontier of DeFi together. Welcome to a world where the potential is limitless, and every transaction is a step toward reshaping the financial landscape.


Now: The Grand Gathering - DELIVERED

The doors to the Monsta Mansion are wide open! We're calling all digital dreamers, crypto enthusiasts, and meme connoisseurs to join the fun. Were pulling in Monstas from BSC to join in the fun and reaching out to Meme Monstas in the Radix Space.

SPRING: The Meme Machine - NAILED

Gear up for the unleashing of the Meme Machine—your soon-to-be favorite source of crypto humor. These aren't just memes; they're an outbreak of joy destined to take over your social feeds. Were gonna get some eyes on WeAreMonsta and go global.

Summer of FUN

This summer, we will launch a cross community game, where Radix and BSC holders can come together and compete in a Drivers Championship, where tokens become constructors and race for victory. 

Fall/AUTUMN: The Great Monsta Hunt

Hold on to your arses for another community game and associated NFT craziness.

Winter: MonstaMADNESS

As the world cools down, we're heating things up with MonstaMadness, a digital festival that's going to launch our NFTs onto a Desperate world.

Next Year: To the Monsta Moon

Monsta Merch Madness!

Head over to the official WeAreMonstas Merch Shop, where your favorite crypto craziness meets wearable and usable art! Dive into a world where each item is a badge of honor, a conversation starter, and a testament to the fun, fearless spirit of the Monsta community.

Where to Find Us: Venture into our treasure trove of Monsta goodness at our Redbubble Shop. Each piece is lovingly designed with the Monsta family in mind, ensuring that you carry a piece of this extraordinary journey with you, wherever you go.

What Awaits You:

  • T-Shirts That Talk: Wear your Monsta pride on your sleeve, literally. Our t-shirts are more than fabric; they're canvases of our collective crypto adventures.
  • Stickers That Stick: From laptops to street poles, let our stickers do the talking. Each one is a mini-manifesto of our Monsta mantra: be bold, be brave, be brilliantly bizarre.
  • Accessories for the Audacious: Caps, bags, and everything in between. If you're going to carry stuff, why not do it with style and a story?

Getting Started with the Radix Wallet: A Simple Guide

Welcome to the world of Radix, where decentralization meets scalability. Here’s the easiest way to dive in and start using the Radix Wallet to buy some amazing tokens on the Radix Network, step by step:

1. Download the Radix Wallet

First things first, grab the official Radix Wallet for your device:

2. Set Up Your Account

Once you have the wallet:

  • Create a New Persona: This is your Radix identity.
  • Create Your First Radix Network Account: Securely store and manage your XRD tokens.

3. Acquire XRD Tokens

To interact within the Radix ecosystem, you’ll need some XRD:

  • Easy Acquisition: Move Binance Chain tokens to XRD using a Cross Chain Swap service like RocketX. Start swapping here.
  • OR
  • Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange: XRD, the native token of Radix, is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitfinex, CoinTiger, KuCoin, Gate.io, AscendEX, and UniSwap. Select an exchange that operates in your jurisdiction and offers favorable fees, security features, and ease of use​​.

4. Explore Ociswap

Ready to trade? Visit Radix's premier exchange:

5. Connect Your Wallet to Ociswap

For a seamless experience:

  • Download the Radix Wallet Connector for Chrome.
  • Connect: Easily link your Radix Wallet to Ociswap for trading.

6. Start Trading

With everything set up:

  • Dive In: Swap your XRD for some of the most exciting projects in the Radix ecosystem.